Windows Phone App Manager

Windows Phone App Manager

We’ve been working closely with the local enterprise sales team at Microsoft around the opportunities to use Windows Phone in the enterprise. Personally I think this is where Windows Phone is going to absolutely rule the roost – integration into Exchange, Sharepoint, Office apps, and of course device management through your favourite MDM solution. Something that comes up early in this discussion is “how do I build a company hub for my organisation?” Well we’ve recently released the first version of the Windows Phone App Manager to the Windows 8 store.



Windows Phone App Manager app for Windows in the Windows Store

Learn more about Windows Phone App Manager by Built to Roam Pty Ltd and download it from the Windows Store


We’ve also been working on a getting started guide – this is particularly important with this release as we’re still working through refining the UX so make it easier for companies to build their company hub.

Update: The Windows Phone App Manager has been updated to include the ability to specify floors, rooms and internal directions using NFC.

Windows Phone Developer Workshop

Windows Phone Developer Workshop

Adelaide Windows Phone 8 Developers Workshop Fri/Sat, May 3rd and 4th

Calling all SA Adelaide based Mobile developers, Microsoft and Nokia are delighted to announce that we’ve have extended the Windows Phone 8 Developer series of workshops to now include Adelaide.

Windows Phone 8 is a huge step forward, not only maintaining compatibility with existing Windows Phone apps, but embraces a number of core Windows 8 technologies, bringing significant performance improvements, support for managed and native C++ development, in app purchase, wallet, NFC, developer access to the Bluetooth and speech APIs, and more. See Windows Phone 8 developer platform highlights.

This two day workshop is scheduled for Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th. The first day is a presentation day that will get you up to speed with the Windows Phone 8 developer platform. Day two (Saturday) is a hands on labs day to guide you through the experience of building Windows Phone apps.


Day 1 – Presentation Day

Day 2 – Hands on Labs Day