Announcement: CXC Global and nsquared solutions partnership

Announcement: CXC Global and nsquared solutions partnership

As some of you are aware Dr Neil Roodyn, James McCutcheon and myself started nsquared solutions back in April.  Since then we have undergone rapid growth while maintaining our goal of always delivering the highest possible value for our clients.  One of the most exciting opportunities has been the ability to partner with CxC Global.  What follows is the press release that was made public earlier today:

A new partnership between two dynamic and growing Australian businesses is expected to yield combined revenues of AU$200m within the next 10 years.

nsquared solutions and CXC Global have worked together for many years on solving the challenges faced by today’s IT and software businesses.

CXC Global provides innovative solutions to logistics and human resources challenges and has helped businesses work smarter with their global contractors and employees. nsquared’s goals have been focused on the technical challenges faced by software businesses to overcome the hurdles of delivering high quality solutions to tight time frames.

CXC Global will provide its full backing to the nsquared services project teams as an internal administration, payroll and management service, whilst nsquared will be providing the leading edge technology and applications behind the CXC online products and services.

Ingrid Webber, CEO of CXC Australasia Pty Ltd, said being world leader in Contractor Management Services was an ongoing challenge that could only be maintained by deploying the world’s ‘best practice’ solutions.

“Working with nsquared ensures that CXC will have a huge technology advantage over any potential competitors,” she said.

Dr. Neil Roodyn, Director of nsquared and a Regional Director for Microsoft Australia, feels the partnership will help both companies grow through better value add for their clients.

“This new relationship allows both companies to focus more energy on bringing value to clients while supporting each other to increase the energy each company is able to focus on their core business. By joining forces, both companies expect to accelerate their growth to achieve the significant targets they have set for the next five to 10 years. .”

nsquared solutions delivers leading edge software in a way that helps identify the most value up front and deliver on it. The nsquared development team utilises a responsive approach to deliver solutions to meet the most pressing needs first and then works through the value chain to always remain focused on what adds the most value now.

CXC Global provides salary packaging, accounting, payroll and administration services to the global contract market and has built a solid reputation for honesty and integrity with a commitment to friendly, efficient and prompt service. CXC Global has offices in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and South Africa with affiliations around Europe.

Australian Microsoft Communities Website

Australian Microsoft Communities Website

Last year Darryl Burling pointed me to a website that he’d created for NZ Microsoft communities –  Thinking that this was a good idea I put together a similar site at  Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to put into it to get it up to date and start listing Australian community events. 

Over the last couple of days Pierce, who works for us here at nsquared solutions, was able to update the user group listings and began posting on which groups are meeting each week. 

Another resource that has a similar listing is available via the Microsoft website ( which lays the various community groups out on a Virtual Earth map.

Got Issues, Use a Taskforce

Got Issues, Use a Taskforce

I was talking with Long Zheng (founder of the I Started Something blog) and he pointed me at the Aero Taskforce website (ie about Vista). Interestingly enough he has recently launched the Aqua Taskforce website (ie about Mac OS X).

Funnily enough this community taskforce initiative is based around individuals who "Find, publish and rate user experience quirks in …….".  Fantastic, sites dedicated to me having a whine about how product XYZ sucks or doesn’t work as it should.  I think this concept is great and I hope that it does a better job that some of the corporate sites that try to collect user feedback, which they then disregard.

ASP.NET Virtual Earth Control (Windows Live Tools for VS2008 CTP3)

ASP.NET Virtual Earth Control (Windows Live Tools for VS2008 CTP3)

Last week CTP3 of the Windows Live™ Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 was made available.  This includes an ASP.NET Virtual Earth control that makes working with Virtual Earth as easy as drag-n-drop.

In this video I introduce this control and show you just how easy it is to integrate Virtual Earth functionality into both client and server side code on you site.

The Windows Live Tools also includes an ASP.NET control for Silverlight Streaming.  Dr Neil goes through getting started with this control in his post from last week.

If you have any feedback on this, or any part of these tools, I would love to hear from you.  Providing feedback to Microsoft on these tools is the best way to ensure they continue to deliver the best developer tools to help us do our jobs!