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Updater Application Block for Windows Mobile (almost)

Some of the developers that worked with the Patterns and Practices team at Microsoft to build the Mobile Client Software Factory have been hard at work on a port of the Updater Application Block.  The guys from Q4Tech are almost at a point where they are going to release the application block into the wild so keep an eye on the Mobile Blocks project (see releases) across at CodePlex for more information.

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    3/1/2011 4:30:48 AM |

    Concur with the weighty point of view defined in Updater Application Block for Windows Mobile (almost). I was looking at all these comments and found that most of them are actually entirely for the links. I thought about skipping over your blog because of it but determined instead to actually join in. My slogan - Folks are about to say what they wish to do. In the end, they always do. The best we can yearn for is to highlight a couple of things here and there that hopefully allows them to produce an educated decision.

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