Xamarin Developer Summit Schedule Breakdown

In just under a month some of the biggest names in the Xamarin community will be presenting alongside a prominent members of the Microsoft Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms teams at the Xamarin Developer Summit.

Xamarin Developer Summit – 11/12 July – Houston, Texas

Whilst I’m not going to be able to make it across to the summit I wanted to do a bit call out to all the great sessions that are in the schedule. The summit is a result of the massive effort that Dan Siegel has put in and the support from all the fantastic presenters.

If you scan the schedule you’ll no doubt be familiar with some of the names but with so many great sessions, how do you know where to start. I thought I’d take the opportunity to break the sessions into some groups to help you decide what’s of interest. These are of course just my groups based on what I can gather from the session description.

Getting Started / Overview


Optimisation / Quality


Mvvm / Architecture

  • Xamarin.Forms made better with Prism – Hussain Abbasi
  • Streamline & Simplify Events with Reactive Extensions – Shane Neuville
  • Rapid Enterprise Architecture Delivery – Paul Schroeder
  • Reactive UI and Reactive Extensions for Xamarin.Forms – Michael Stonis
  • Mobile architecture with MvvmCross, are you doing it right? – Martijn van Dijk
  • Using Xamarin.Forms Shell to easily create a consistent, dynamic, customized, and feature filled UI – Shane Neuville


  • Authentication and Authorization for Xamarin apps using ADB2C and MSAL – David Allen



  • Cognitive Services in Xamarin Applications – Veronika Kolesnikova
  • Build Smarter Cross-Platform Applications Using Xamarin, Azure Cognitive Services, and ML.NET – Richard Taylor
  • How to build your modern ai app with Xamarin – Lo Kinfey


  • Crafting Real-Time Mobile Apps with SignalR – James Montemagno
  • Light up Xamarin Apps with ChatBots – Sam Basu
  • Build a mobile chatbot with Xamarin & Bot Framework – Luis Beltran
  • Build a Media Streaming App With Azure and Xamarin – Matt Soucoup
  • Create Mixed Reality Experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors and Xamarin – Sweekriti Satpathy



  • Let’s Make Crazy Beautiful UI With Xamarin.Forms – David Ortinau
  • Creating Consistent UI with Xamarin.Forms Visual – David Ortinau



For more information on any of these topics then you should Register and bring all your learnings back to your company, community through user groups and other forums.

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