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Windows Phone 7 Wheel Control

Update: The initial source and concept for this control was made available courtesy of FairFax as part of their investment into building applications for the Windows Phone platform.

If you’ve taken a look at either the hacked emulator build or a real Windows Phone 7 device you’ll notice that there are cases, such as selecting date or time, where they use a wheel-like control. It’s not the same as the iphone version which looks very 3d'ish. Instead they’ve gone for a very flat style in keeping with the rest of the device (as an aside if you’ve been wondering what “digitally authentic” means it essentially means don’t pretend that the screen is 3d. It’s not, so use 2d flat color buttons – check out the rest of the metro UI if you don’t believe me).

Yesterday I got a little side tracked and ended up re-skinning the ListBox to behave in a similar way to the wheel.


I’ve attached the source project which includes this sample application to show you how to use it. Feel free to consume and suggest improvements!

Windows Phone Wheel Control and Sample

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