Mobile Client Software Factory – Drop 6

Good news fellow mobilites, community drop 6 of the Mobile Client Software Factory (previously the Mobile Baseline Architecture Toolkit) has hit the shelves.  Actually the news is a bit old as I was trying to allocate some time to review the changes between drops.  Unfortunately time (particularly when there is work to be done) does get away from you some times.

In summary some of the changes that I have had time to notice are:

  • New Configuration Manager application block (which provides basic configuration functionality, similar to what’s found in the full framework)

  • Connection Manager – now supports removing networks and connections after the manager has been created

  • Data Access – the concept of an abstract DatabaseService has been replaced with an abstract Database.  It also uses a DbProviderFactory, which should also be inherited for each database type to implement functions, CreateCommand, CreateConnection and CreateParameter.  This factory needs to be supplied in the constructor of the concrete Database implementation.

  • Data Access – the SQL Mobile implementation of the DatabaseService class also provides support for the SQLCeResultSet, which is unique to SQL Mobile.

More information will be available as I start to work more closely with this new framework.  Also, register for MEDC to see some of these application blocks in action when I take to the stage to assist fellow presenters Dr Neil Roodyn, Dr Peter Stanski and Dave Glover.

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