Mobile Client Software Factory – Drop 7

So I’ve managed to allocate some time to take a quick look at the most recent community drop for the Mobile Client Software Factory.  From an initial inspection the part that I really like is that the Dynamic Resolution application block now works.  In my earlier post I discussed how this block can be used to provide different layouts for different resolutions/orientations.  At that stage there were some issues when a control was docked on a Form, as it didn’t seem to apply the new layout before docking. This resulted in the layout not being appropriately resized.  In the latest drop this issue seems to have been fixed. 

I also noticed that not only can you change the resolution/orientation of your control while you are building it, but when you add your control to a form it applies the appropriate layout.  For example if you rotate your form in the designer (using the design skin introduced into VS2005) your dynamic resolution control will apply the horizontal layout so you can see what it will look like. 

Well done team, keep up the good work!

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