Windows Live Writer

I was doing a bit of a search for blogging software.  When I was running Office 2007 Beta 2 I attempted to use the inbuild blogging ability, but there was no support for Community Server.  Anyhow, in my search I came across Windows Live Writer which is currently in Beta.  Although I couldn’t easily see if Community Server was supported it did seem to have a number of community plugins for services such as Flickr, so I figured I’d give it a go. 

On first launch a useful wizard pops up and walks you through configuring the editor to your blog.  And yes, Community Server is supported.  As such, this is my first blog entry using it.  Let’s see how it looks!

Other features include being able to save a local draft, toggle to a web preview and even post a draft to the blog itself.  Would highly recommend you give it a go.

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