Visual Studio Productivity

As Brian Madsen pointed out, Mitch Wheat did a great post on improving productivity using Visual Studio.  However, I would utter a word of caution, these short cuts DO NOT work for all profiles.  When you first install VS 2005 you will be prompted to select a profile (eg VB, C#, General…) which will configure VS to the type of developer you are.  As a VB.NET developer I was tempted to go with the VB profile until I realised that it has mapped the keyboard shortcuts to reflect what they were in VB6, which quite frankly sux.  Instead I go with the General Developer profile which seems to work for me (oh, and Mitch’s shortcuts all seem to work in that profile!)

A couple of other VS related things:

  • I would also like to reference the announcment that VS 2005 SP1 Beta is now available, as per Somasegar’s blog


  • <shameless plug>I can’t miss this opportunity to point to the book entitled “Professional Visual Studio 2005” that Andrew Parsons and myself wrote, and is now available from Amazon.</shameless plug>

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