WPF/e defining some language priorities (aka web developers use c# not VB)

I was chatting with Darryl this afternoon at the weekly Geekzone catch up and he was filling me in on the progress of Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere.  Well, it turns out that support for mobile device will be shipping in V2, which is not surprising as this was stated early on by the team.  However, what was a massive surprise, and IMHO a complete insult to the thousands of VB developers, is that only Javascript and C# will be supported for writing client side code to run on the WPF/e runtime. That’s right apparently support for VB.NET will not make it into V1 – backlogged to V2.

THIS IS JUST WRONG – Microsoft should reconsider this, delaying shipment of WPF/e if necessary to guarrantee support for VB.NET

Updated: VB will be supported in the first release (see comments)

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