IE7 and a little feature to make your UMPC play nice

One of the issues that was discovered during the long beta phase of IE7 was that the new generation of mobile devices, the UMPCs, do not play nice straight out of the box.  By this I mean that the TIP doesn’t work well with web forms that require text input.  This is a result of a language setting, as quoted from a source within Microsoft (see here for the full discussion):

We were able to reproduce this problem. Our initial investigation indicates that something is misconfiguring the Tablet OS by turning off support for advanced text insertion into all applications. This is completely unsupported on a Tablet PC and we’re working to track down how this setting got turned off. In the meantime, I’d like to confirm that this is the entire cause of the problem you are seeing.

Please can you check this setting:

Control Panel -> Regional and Languages Options ->  Languages -> Details -> Advanced -> “Extend support of advanced text services to all programs”

This checkbox should always be checked on a Tablet PC. If it’s not, please try checking it, rebooting and then see if the problem in IE7 evaporates.

For more information on IE7 make sure you pay our resident IE guru, Sandi Hardmeier, a visit.

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