OneCare "appears" to fail as first line of defence

This morning I was in the middle of listening to a webcast when OneCare pops up and declares that it is going to apply an update.  I’m getting used to the annoying bubbles that keep popping up to indicate the OneCare is yet again update (probably my fault for not disabling them) but this time the update notification took the form of a dialog that needed to be dismissed and looked like the following:

Now I’m no security guru, but the fact that “OneCare will not be available” while it is doing the update leads me to believe that my computer is exposed to viruses, hackers etc.  In actual fact I suspect hope that this is just the wording of the dialog and that in fact OneCare is still functioning as my virus protection and firewall while the update is being applied.  Perhaps this wording needs to be improved to encourage users that their computer is still in fact safe.

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