Sync Tester v1 (alpha) available

Yesterday we were busy trying to work out why our synchronisation was breaking when we changed networks.  To do this I wanted to abstract away the database synchronisation from both our application and sql management studio (since you can’t really afford to have that installed on every client machine you are going to work with) so I built a very ruidmentary app that would setup a database file, setup the sync and then allow us to repetitively sync against the server.  While it was syncing we could then disconnect/reconnect network connections to see what effect it has. 

Last night I decided that this app would be a great tool for the community to have access to as it could be easily run on any client machine to test whether you could sync to a particular publication.  So, last night I invested a few hours to tidying it up (just a little) and publishing it (thanks to ClickOnce).  Anyhow you can take the early version of this app for a test drive here.  Let me know what you think, what features you would like and whether you think this tool is useful?  Also, let me know whether this is something that you would like to have the option to install (rather than just running online as is the current configuration)?

(Although this app relies on SQL Server CE RC1 it doesn’t install it on the local machine as it uses dll deployment.  Let me know if the application doesn’t work for whatever reason!)

Update: Unfortunately the ClickOnce deployed version doesn’t seem to be working properly.  I should be able to fix this today and will post an update when it is ready for further testing.

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