Anyone for some Blogarate?

As a number of you will be aware Clarke has been doing some awesome work in the community/blog space.  The first of these is of course whooiz – if you don’t already have an online profile here I highly recommend getting one – which has plugins for a number of blog engines such as Community Server.  This enables you to not only reuse information from whooiz for your About page (see mine here) it also allows you to list friends, blogs you read etc.

The next feature that Clarke has been working on is the ability to rate a blog just by giving it a star rating – if you look closely at my blog you will see the rating bar at the bottom (currently with a “powered by Blogarate” sign under it).  Blogarate, according to Clarke’s post, is currently in private beta and we are already starting to see a collection of blog posts being rated.  Update your blog engine according to these instructions to start receive your ratings.

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