Feeds, Feeds and more Feeds – Content Found

I typically scan well over 250 feeds a day! Yep that’s right I’m an addict – actually I don’t normally get beyond the Perth Bloggers network (which I have as the feed in [VS2005]) and most of the Australia Microsoft DPE team.  Anyhow today I was glad that I spent the time scanning for interesting content because I came across this great little post by Anna Liu which points to a video on YouTube that shows an innovative user interface for the next generation of mobile devices. 

Unlike the disappointing attempt of Deepfish to provide a usable experience for pocket pc devices this interface seems like it has actually been tailored for these devices.  I had to laugh though because in 2004 at the Imagine Cup finals in Brazil we saw an interface that would make these guys drool.  The concept behind the application itself was to provide a guide for people walking around a museum but the menu system these guys had come up with was second to none.  They had worked on the spin out menu concept where you start with a minimal dial in the middle of the screen, select an item which then spins out a new dial.  As you progressively select items new dials appear; if you want to go up a level you click the centre.  These guys had made it entirely customisable and the menu itself was all images (rather than simple text) so it looked unbelievable.  I just wish I could get in contact with these guys!

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