Skype Find and More

Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Skype (the next version talks about being able to invite non-Skype contacts, which would be very cool – unfortunately it is only in beta and VERY unstable).  Instead of going with the standard options I decided that I would install the Internet Explorer Addin.  Not knowing quite what to expect I was quite impressed when phone numbers started appearing with a Skype border and with options to enable me to call them directly:

 The other function that might be quite useful in the future is SkypeFind.  This appears as a separate tab within the Skype client and allows you to search for recommendations based on keywords.  For example I might want to search for Coffee in Wellington.

I noticed that Mauricio has already added in the Astoria, which is where he holds his weekly coffee.  I did a similar search for Perth and was disappointed that neither Tiger Tiger or Cimbalino were in there – so I added them 😉

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