Usage logging

Joseph has a great breakdown (in a similar vein to Google Analytics) of usage statistics of his application Thoughtex.  I wonder whether he is interesting in redistributing the usage logging class library.  Everytime I build another utility or tool I often consider collecting this type of information but the cost to develop often outweighs the cost of developing the tool itself.

Usage tracking is an important part of the usability design cycle.  There is currently a huge amount of emphasis placed on the importance of the user interface but how do you really quantify how usable an application is. Without tracking usage you really have no idea how your application is being used. 

[Intilecta] has invested heavily in building an integrated framework into our application that enables users to monitor their own usage, team leaders to track aggregate usage and admins track overall usage.  This is important as the application is designed to be continually improved based on user feedback/usage!

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