Great work Frank!

If you haven’t already you should check out today’s Australian Financial Review as there is a great photo of Frank and article about Silverlight which follows Frank’s postt about an interview he gave last week. Whilst the photo isn’t in the same league as Stephen’s cartoon I think there are some great points in the article. Imho it goes short of saying that Silverlight will be the platform of choice for enterprise web apps in the future. Unlike Flash, that has remained in the realm of creative/media/game development, I believe that Silverlight is perfectly placed for building full featured occasionally connected apps. When you couple Silverlight’s ability to use isolated storage with some of the new sync frameworks being built by Microsoft you have a solution that competes with the likes of google gears. Future versions of Sql Server Compact Edition might even be able to run client side allowing developers to sync and work locally with data in a similar way to traditional smart client applications. With this in mind Microsoft’s silverlight imho is perfectly position to take on the next round of web 2.0 where it is all about enterprise and mobility.

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