Imagine Cup meets Second Life

I have been a bit remiss for not having congratulating the winners of the Australian Imagine Cup competition.  Whilst this was blogged a while ago by Frank and Nick I would still like to pass on my congratulations as this is a significant achievement for those involved.  However, this is only really the first stage and, as I posted a while ago, there is much more to the competition to be found at the world wide finals, this year to be held in Korea.

As some people will already know I have been invited to attend the finals as one of the judges for the software design competition.  This is an experience I’m definitely looking forward to and as such I have been eagerly watching some of the activities that have been going on around the world.  One such event that Microsoft EMEA have put together is the Imagine Cup Gallery in Second Life:

The Imagine Cup Gallery in Second Life runs until August 5th 2007 so you can visit anytime. However we’re holding three open events for you to come and meet the different teams and these will be held from 19.00-21.00 Central European Time on July 12th, 19th and 26th 2007. If you already have a Second Life Avatar teleport directly to the Microsoft Island

More information can be found at

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