More on the SPB Survey

In my previous post I referenced a recent survey that SPB Software House conducted into Pocket PC users. On closer inspections I have some additional points that I thought were interesting:

  • The Male:Female ratio was significantly larger than you would expect in nearly any industry.  Although the results might reflect current users, they are unlikely to be a good indicator of whether mobile devices would be adopted and how they would be used within an organisation.
  • The results are also likely to be skewed due to the disproportionately large number of respondents that work in a computer related occupation.  What would be interesting would be to see some of the results where there are more normalised industry respondents.
  • I must admit I hate the way the survey results are presented – it makes it difficult to get a clear picture of the demographics over each year, let alone being able to compare them.
  • Interestingly the most important consideration when purchasing a device is phone functionality.  This is where phone manufacturers can really innovate – HTC is definitely leading the way here with their TouchFlo, Home Screen and other features.  I must admit, they are trailing behind Apple with their iPhone but are definitely doing the best within the UI limitations of the Windows Mobile platform.

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