The Poster Child of WPF Falls Victim to Vista SP1

With all the (hopefully) positive feedback around those people luck enough to be able to run SP1 there are always going to be some sad cases where it breaks existing applications.  Unfortunately from the few people I’ve spoken to, personal experience and this knowledge base article there seems to be more than just an occasional application that is affected – this is like the RTM of Vista all over again:

Personal Experience: Under both beta and the RTM version of SP1 Windows Explorer periodically crashes (approximately once a day).  It seems to recover but can’t seem to connect properly to network drives until I do a full reboot.  Suspect this is to do with the version of TortoiseSVN I’m using, but doing work has proved to be more important than trying the latest build to see if it fixes the problem.

Fellow MVP: Installed SP1 and now all his Office 2007 applications crash on exit – not a great look given these are Microsoft’s two flagship products.

The List of Doom: The knowledge base article entitled “Information about programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based computer” contains information about programs that are known to either blocked, do not run or experience loss of functionality under SP1.  One such program is the New York Times Reader application which was most definitely the WPF love child – although I failed to see the attraction.  How can such a revered application go to being in the book of shame?  Oh well, I guess it can’t have been that great in the first place……

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