Getting Started with Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio

At PDC last year there was a lot of discussion around Windows Azure and Live Framework.  One of the pieces in this puzzle are the Live Services which have been around for quite sometime.  The Live Services are available for you to use today – that’s right you can use them in production today.  Better still, there is a set of tools that wrap some of the services to make your life even easier. 

The Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio, November 2008 CTP is available via the Download site.  Whilst getting started with some of the controls is as easy dragging them from the toolbar to the design surface, there are some hidden gems that make these tools really cool.  We’ve put together a getting started guide that is available as a free download via pZing – click on the following image to download the pdf.

pzing Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio

[Updated] The download link now points to the November 2008 CTP

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