Remix Australia 2010: I’m speaking on Windows Phone 7

Speaking_at_remix_au_2010_large Next week is the Australian reincarnation of the sensation MIX event held earlier this year in Vegas. This year remix Australia is being held in Melbourne over not one but two whole days. As you probably know I’m not a “web-guy” so you might be wondering what I’m doing showing up at a web event. Well here’s the catch, it’s all about rich internet-enabled applications. I don’t care if it’s written in HTML 5, Silverlight, WPF or hey, even WinForms, so long as you’re doing intelligent things like client side storage, offline support and rich UI then you’re talking my language.

This year my focus is almost exclusively on Windows Phone 7. My session, entitled Windows Phone 7: The emperor has got some new Threads, showcases the tools and technologies that make up developer story for Windows Phone 7. Immediately following my session is Luke Drumm’s session on Windows Phone 7: Debauchery on the silicon seas : High adventure in a small amount of code. I’m really looking forward to this session to watch Luke smash the Phone around a bit using the XNA Framework.

There is just so many awesome features to discuss, but here are a few of the points to watch out for in my session.
– Notification Services
– Location
– Emulator Automation
– Accelerometer
– Panoramic and Pivot controls
– Voice synthesis, transcription and translation

All this in a hour! Don’t forget if you like what you see you should pre-order the book I’m working on (yes, another one): Professional Windows Phone 7 Application Development: Building Windows Phone Applications Using Silverlight. The title on Amazon is a little misleading at the moment as it won’t be covering much on games development or XNA (one chapter on this) but it is a deep dive on everything that makes building Windows Phone applications in Silverlight so great.

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