Windows Phone 7 Social Viewer Template v2 Published

If you want to jump start your Windows Phone application development, why not download the Social Viewer template available at You can use this to simplify the creation of apps that read data from Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and any other data feed you might have.

The template integrates directly into Visual Studio 2010 (which you’ll need to do Windows Phone 7 development – and appears in the New Project dialog.


Like most Visual Studio 2010, once you’ve created a new project you can simply hit F5 to run it in the emulator or on a device. Pan left-right to see the different lists. Select an item to read the full item.

image  image  image  image

You can easily change the feeds and the lists that are displayed to the user in the configuration.xaml file. Add api keys for Facebook, Twitter and AdGACto allow the user to post to Facebook or Twitter, and to integrate Ads into your application.

Get the Social Viewer Template v2 from today and get building your WP7 applications.

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