Windows Phone Mango Feature Update

Over at I posted about all the awesomeness that is Windows Phone 7.5 (aka the Mango update). There are a couple of features that I either overlooked or were announced after that post went to air:

– Firstly, if I wasn’t clear: The final version of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 is now available and can be downloaded via the Web Platform Installer (WebPI).

– Not only is the Microsoft Advertising Ad Control included within the SDK, it’s also now available in 11 countries, including Australia.

– There is now a web version of the Marketplace allowing you to purchase and invoke the download of applications directly to your phone.

– Windows Phone 7.5 supports Internet Sharing (ie tethering). Unfortunately this won’t immediately be available on all devices across all carriers but the potential is there – complaining to your telco might affect their decision to roll it out….

– The UserVoice site for Windows Phone has reopened for continual feedback on new product features.

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