Authentication Issues with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Here are just a couple of gotchas I ran into whilst setting up a Windows Azure Mobile Service to accept login requests from all four providers: Microsoft Account, Facebook, Twitter, Google.

Firstly, grab the site url for your mobile service – On the Dashboard tab the “Mobile Service Url” is on the right under “quick glance”



Microsoft Account (Instructions)


– The name of my application contained words that weren’t allowed. This includes trademarked words such as “Windows Phone”. Unfortunately this meant that when I attempted to set the Redirect URI  and hit Save, nothing appears to happen – the error is not visible as it’s on a different tab. Solution was to change the Application name, then hey presto it works.


Google (Instructions)


– Make sure you set the type to Web application

– When I created the client id I could only set the site/hostname. You actually need to go back and edit the settings to set the redirect uri to “https://[your mobile service] (note the /login/google at the end)




– Check the website with Facebook login, and specify the site URL




– You need to specify both the website url and the callback uri


Hopefully this helps someone get up and running in less time than it took me!

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