Built to Roam website gets a facelift with interactive Windows and Windows Phone shells


Yesterday we finally released the new version of the Built to Roam website. As most of you are aware over the last couple of years we have done a lot of work with a number of customers to help them release, or update, their Windows and/or Windows Phone applications. We wanted to showcase these as part of our interactive website, so the phone and tablet you see when the website loads are designed for you to interact with; simply tap on the phone, or swipe across and tap on the tablet, to get started


In interactive mode the devices move to the centre of the screen and allow you to tap through to explore information about the apps we’ve enjoyed working on. The experience for each device has been designed to reflect the interaction model of the respective platform eg the back button steps you back to the previous page.

image    image

As with all projects, there was a limit to what we could fit in the first release. As such, we made some compromises when it came to the mobile experience. Whilst the site should function correctly, particularly in portrait, the website doesn’t make good use of the available screen space. Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking to optimise the mobile experience to make it easier to browse the information on the site.

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