TechEd Australia – Sydney and Melbourne 2014


This year I’m delivering two sessions in both Melbourne (7-8th October) and Sydney (27-28th October):

Using Visual Studio and Blend to build Beautiful Universal Applications (WPD307)
The new Universal Application project promises to reduce the amount of code you need to write, but does it reduce the amount of design work you have to do? In this demo-heavy session, XAML guru Nick Randolph explores the tooling available in Blend and the patterns you’d use to produce stunning Universal Applications with a minimum amount of work.

Building and Migrating Modern Enterprise Line of Business Applications (WPD304)
Mostly, when we build enterprise applications, we’re not starting from scratch. Deciding what to build, what to reuse and what to keep is an important part of the enterprise software development decision process. In this session, Nick will explore the conditions and requirements that might lead you to decide which of these approaches to take. He’ll also demonstrate some techniques for taking an existing Line of Business application and lighting it up with a modern, touch-friendly UI.


If you’re attending in either session, come along and chat about the direction of the Windows platform and how to take advantage of it in your business.

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