Book: Mobile Strategies for Business: 50 Actionable Insights to Digitally Transform Your Business

If you’re interested in mobile strategies for line of business applications, you can’t go past this read, recently authored by Rob Tiffany. The book itself actually stems from a series of tweets Rob did a while ago. Each section starts with a tweet, followed by a more detailed discussion that both sets context and discusses current thought leadership in the area of mobile strategies for business applications.

One of the biggest takeaways, which actually couples the content of Rob’s book with my own thoughts on enterprise applications, is that businesses need to do more to move quicker in the modern technology enviornment. This means getting rid of antiquated processes, such as SOEs, in favour of more agile mechanisms such as Windows as a service. Applications are no different, old/legacy applications should be migrated, updated, rebuilt or retired in order to allow organisations to be more agile.

I also believe that applications within an organisation, whether they be mobile, desktop or web, should have a lifecycle in which they are created, maintained and then retired. If you aren’t maintaining, and ideally updating/improving, an application, you’d better look at retiring it. If you don’t, you’ll risk slowing your organisation down over time.

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