Enterprise Development using Patterns and Practices

Last night, John presented an overview of the Enterprise Library to the Perth .NET Community of Practice.  It was clear that there were mixed experiences within the audience ranging from those that were working with v2 of the library (1 or 2), those working, in anger, with v1 of the library (half a dozen or so) and those that either won’t admit to it or weren’t using it at all.  Having been involved with a large scale application that didn’t use either the application blocks or the Enterprise Library I can only commiserate with those in the same boat – word of advise… spend the time and money to incorporate the Library into your application.  This doesn’t need to be done all at once, you can bring it in piece by piece, but in the long run it should save you time and ensure your product is more reliable.

Ok, so this said, there are some other things that you should really check out, particularly if you are starting a new application and want some guidance on how to build a consistent user experience.

Composite UI Application Block (here)

Mobile Baseline Architecture Toolkit (here)

Also, touch base with John’s blog as he looks at the various application blocks in the Enterprise Library itself. (For those that missed the presentation last night, the slides should be available on the user group site by the end of the week).

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