Keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio 2005

I was just reading Jason McC’s Weblog and he points out that the are some great wallcharts available for download that cover a large proportion of the keyboard shortcuts for different profiles (you can get the list of downloads here).  Unfortunately even in a book dedicated to Visual Studio 2005 such as “Professional Visual Studio 2005” there isn’t really enough space to go into all of the shortcuts.  This is especially true when the shortcuts are configurable both in the initial profile you select and then via the Tools->Options dialog. 

Missing:  What’s missing is of course the “General” profile – for the most part AFAIK these are basically the same as the C# profile settings w.r.t the keyboard.  IMHO there should be a VB6 profile (which would be the settings currently in the VB profile) and a VB.NET profile (which would be the shortcuts etc that all  developers coming from VS2003 would be used to).  Despite being a VB.NET advocate I wouldn’t touch the VB profile with a 30ft barge pole as it is just plain confusing for anyone who has worked with VS (since .NET started).

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