More Community Websites

A while ago I blogged about Clarke‘s latest site, Blogarate (also of Whooiz); well this week I noticed on Meg‘s blog that she had posted about Buggerall.

I also had coffee with Richard Giles who is a fellow Perth technology enthusiast and a former Sun employee (but I don’t hold that against him).  He is also the CEO and Co-founder of Scouta, which “is the new way to get relevant online content. It’s the bold new way for you to get personal recommendations to suit your interests and tastes” [Scouta About page]. 

This really takes the concept of rating websites, blogs, podcasts, video clips etc to the next level.  From my understanding it incorporates sophisticated algorithms to process items tagged by other members so that you can recieve pre-qualified material through an application of your choice.  No longer do you have to scan through hundreds of blogs or a dozen podcasts to find something of interest.  In fact one of the goals of Scouta is that you can have it as another channel on your TV (I’m looking forward to accessing this material out of my Vista Media Center).

If you are interested in signing up then you should go here and get started.

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