i-mate SPL

While I was in the UK last month I decided to find a replacement phone for Meg, who has been using a Smartphone 2 for the last couple of years. After much consideration of all the new devices on the market I decided to go for the i-mate SPL.  At the moment this runs Windows Mobile 5 but I’m hoping that since it is such a recent phone (like it hasn’t even been released here in Australia yet) that we might see an upgrade path to Windows Mobile 6.  Regardless, I don’t think not having an upgrade will really phase Meg.

Anyhow after a week or so of tracking the package using the Expansys and DHL websites it eventually arrived today.  My first impressions are that it is a slim and lightweight as I was hoping.  Here are just a few screenshots:

The i-mate SPL Top and Bottom

Screen and Camera

USB port (open) and Wriststrap connection point

 USB port (closed) with Photo Button, and Sound Controls

Microphone (in the base) and the Sound Controls

Now we’re talking – Inside and the SIM tray

Other than taking me a while to work out how to turn the keylock on (which by the way you can do by holding down the home button) my first couple of hours with this device have been a real pleasure.  I must admit I’m not really a Smartphone kinda guy but I might consider using this device for a short while (at least until my K-Jam comes back from its road trip to the US).

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