Why Windows Mobile Device Center Is Broken?

Last week I posted that the WMDC had replaced ActiveSync and that you should upgrade to the latest version.  This week I’m seriously considering downgrading back to Windows XP just so I can run ActiveSync again.  On my way to work this morning I decided to grab a cup of coffee and write this post on Joel’s recent visit on my K-Jam.  Unfortunately when I got to the office and sync’d with my laptop I couldn’t open the note that I had written.  Under XP/ActiveSync all you had to do was drag the Note (which is a .pwi file) from the device onto the local machine and it would be converted by ActiveSync.  Now when I do that it transfers the pwi file as is to my machine and when I go to open it with Word I get:


Now I’d consider myself slightly more than the average user and would suggest that if I can’t work out how to transfer notes to my Vista machine then there is something BROKEN with the Windows Mobile Device Center (unless of course I’m missing something obvious….).  Seriously Microsoft is it that hard to ship a version of ActiveSync/WMDC that actually works?????

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