Languages – Only part of the equation

I’m sorry did I miss the point where we started caring again about what language we are writing in. This was a discussion point 5 years ago when we didn’t have powerful IDEs to help us write applications. Now it should be “what job do I want to get done?” and “what technology is going to deliver that the quickest, cheapest and highest quality output?

By technology I think there are at least four key areas to look at:

  • Skills availability (who’s going to write the code)
  • Framework (.NET, Rails etc)
  • Tools (VS, Eclipse etc)
  • Language (Java, VB.NET, C#, Ruby)

And imho you shouldn’t make a decision based on one of these factors alone.  Particularly in Australia atm where getting skilled developers in nearly any technology is proving very difficult.

Unlike Alex I don’t much care for C# or Ruby for that matter.  I find that despite being more verbose VB.NET is still my preference but again this doesn’t mean I will always pick it for the job.

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