User Experience is more than just Flash (or even Silverlight) Annimations

Last night Shane Morris gave his “age of user experience” presentation to the Perth .NET Community of Practice which was extremely well attended with over 50 people turning up to hear the Microsoft user experience story. I would like to thank Chuck for making this happen – I think that everyone who spoke with Shane took something away from his engagement.

Some general feedback on the session was that it was great to have a non-developer present on this topic as it gave a bit of credibility to the Expression story.  That said, given that the room was almost entirely developers, I think that the lack of source control integration for these products was definitely a sore point.  A few people mentioned that they were hoping Shane would drill down deeper into what constitutes a good user experience but I feel that given this was Shane’s first visit and that we hadn’t given him any focus for his session that the overview he gave was well suited for the group.  Perhaps if there is enough interest we can get Shane back later in the year to conduct a usability workshop or another session more targetted on the design process – if this is something that interests you make sure you let me know!

Don’t forget:

  • Next month Graeme is going to deliver as session on CAB and TDD – make sure you are registered at the user group site so that you receive reminders
  • The .NET library is continually growing – we just took delivery of a number of .NET compact framework books that might be of interest if you are doing mobile development
  • There are still spaces in the SoftTeq co-working center – for more information see my previous post (if you know a startup company looking for office space in the CBD feel free to spread the word)

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