Australian User Groups and Mailing Lists

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a bit of a revolution on the AusDotNet (aka Stanski) mailing list.  Whilst I am not in favour of this outcome, a new mailing list has been established to try and eliminate the issues faced by the existing list.  I believe that this may fragment the Australian developer community but I also think that there is probably no turning back now.  As such I would like to recommend that you sign up for this new list using the following instructions (from David Connors who setup the list):

The [email protected] list has the same goals as the [email protected] list, except it is actively maintained, fast, and reliable. Details on the list can be found here:
To reiterate, delivery times to the new list are typically <10 seconds.
To join the list, send a blank mail to
[email protected]

In other activities, in the lead up to the Heroes Happen launch event, Microsoft have announced:

  • Certification: Pass one, get the next one free – contact your user group lead for more information
  • Demo Days: Get your Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 or Windows 2008 (or combination) demo ready – substantial prizes for the best demos.  Again for more information contact your user group lead for more information

The up shot of these announcements is that you need to attend a user group to be in the running.

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