Mobile Happenings

Fellow Windows Mobile MVP, Mauricio Freitas (who runs Geekzone) has an interesting post around the evolution of mobile devices and how there are a number of people/parties talking about how we don’t need a physical qwerty keyboard or user installed applications. Having used the iPhone/iTouch on-screen keyboard I must admit it’s a better experience than I thought, but I think I still prefer a keypad or keyboard for doing text entry. With regards to not having to install applications I can definitely see the advantage of web applications (such as the iphone adaptation of Facebook) but I still think that installed applications have their place – particularly to support disconnected scenarios and to leverage otherwise inaccessible device functionality.

Elsewhere in the Mobile space…..

RedFiveLabs have announced the availability of Net60 which is a port of the .NET Compact Framework runtime (v1.1 only) for the S60 platform. Check out the following webinar for how to get started:

Windows Mobile .NET on S60/Symbian
This informative webinar showed users how to leverage their .NET CF applications onto the S60/Symbian platform and help create new revenue opportunities for their company by enabling them to address the 165 million S60/Symbian device worldwide installed base. This webinar also included how .NET CF code can be re-used to quickly enable the target application on S60 devices!

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