Broken WPF designer on a clean VS2008 installation

I’ve been running an M700 for almost a month now and it’s been a fantastic development machine.  It also generates a WOW when pulled out at meetings, even against those super-cool folk who are equipped with an iPhone.  However, it hasn’t all been easy-sailing – today I was trying to do some WPF development and came across an annoying error.  It appears that somehow, most likely installing some beta bits, I managed to disable the designer for xaml files.  The symptom, a rather descriptive error, with very little information on how to resolve it:


Whilst it is nice to know that "There is no editor available for …..xaml" the suggestion to "Make sure the applciation for the file type (.xaml) is installed." is completely useless.  Does Microsoft even both thinking about these error dialogs.  Luckily there was one useful discussion thread that helped resolve my issue. 

Simply run:

devenv /ResetSkipPkgs

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