Making up for my sins – yes, that’s right, I’m doing Web Development!

I’m very much a believer of using the right tool for the job and whilst I’ve never been a big fan of the ASP.NET model there are times when you just have to get the job done.  Anyhow, so I find myself working in the web space and having to do things like running up test servers and the like. 

After a bit of a poke around on the new server I couldn’t for the life of me work out why it wasn’t serving up .aspx pages.  Simple html pages and images were being served out fine.  Anyhow I spoke with IIS guru and fellow Australian MVP, Ken Shaefer and he pointed me to quite a useful flowchart that helped me diagnose what was going on.  This is probably old-hat for most of you but I thought I’d highlight it just incase it’s useful to others.

Here’s just the beginning…. click through for the full thing!


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