All CC.NET Builds are Green

One of the things that has been bugging me over the last month is that one of our over 40+ build projects was failing.  Earlier this week Andrew brought in his build board – similar concept to the Build Bunny.    


Yesterday it was connected and what was amazing to watch was the efficiency with which the one broken build was fixed.  Now perhaps this was just to see what the board would read when all the builds were ok but I suspect that just having the build more visible is a key factor. 

What’s interesting is that most of the crew use cctray so they know that one of the builds was failing.  So why does the build board make a difference?  I think the key difference is that with cctray because it’s somewhat private everyone can choose to ignore it.  With it in the open there’s no escaping it and someone has to put their hand up and fix it.

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