Field Engineer Sample for Azure Mobile Services

Over on the Windows dev center there is a code sample, Field Engineer, which covers a good portion of the application scenario I painted in my previous post. I won’t be delving into the sample in too much detail but I did want to do a quick review of the solution structure so that you get an idea of what’s there and what I’ll be adding to my scenario that extends this sample.


The sample solution in made up of four projects and only offers a Windows application frontend (in contrast to my scenario where we want to support both native apps and a web frontend). The mobile services are in the Services project which has an accompanying Test project. The interesting thing about the test project is that it does raw httpclient calls to validate that the services work as expected, instead of using the Azure mobile service client wrapper classes. Lastly there is a Setup project which is simply a command line utility that is designed to assist in the setup of the Azure components required in order to run this sample.

I’d highly recommend downloading this sample, setup and run it (follow all the instructions otherwise it’s not likely to work), before we move onto exploring my scenario in the coming posts.

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