Fix Login Failures to Azure Mobile Services with Enhanced Users Features for Javascript Backends

One of the applications that we’ve been working on that leverages the older javascript backend version of Azure Mobile services was seeing some cases where users couldn’t login. For a while we put it down to incidental issues with our application but we then detected a pattern where it was related to Microsoft Accounts that belonged to one of the domains associated with (eg,,, I don’t know exactly which domains it does affect, nor whether it was all email addresses on those domains. However, what I do know is that in order to fix the issue we had to follow the instructions that Carlos had posted a while ago on the Enhanced Users Feature. We hadn’t done this previously as I wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t break our production application but it turns out the only change we needed to do, as per his instructions, was change to use the asynchronous getIdentities method (which is also an update we were supposed to do a while ago!).

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