Updated Uno Visual Studio Extension

I just noticed that the Uno Visual Studio Extension has been updated, so I figured I’d give it a go in Visual Studio 2019. After installing the extension I used the new startup dialog on Visual Studio to “Create a new project”. I searched Uno but Cross-Platform or any of the target platforms would show you the templates.


After selecting the Cross-Platform App (Uno Platform) template I had to enter a few details before hitting Create


Seconds later I had a brand new solution with five projects giving me the ability to target iOS, Android and Wasm all from the code I write in a UWP app.


Selecting the Wasm project I set it as the startup project and hit F5 to run. After a few minutes of building (the first build is slow as it downloads packages etc) it launched Chrome with my fancy Hello World project running.


Note: Small confession that I had to run the project twice because the first time failed without error. On second attempt it ran successfully. However, it’s been a bit hit and miss in terms of getting it to run. I added “<MonoRuntimeDebuggerEnabled>true</MonoRuntimeDebuggerEnabled>” to the csproj file and that seems to have got it to run more reliably.

Adding Content

I wanted to add some content to my page but figured I’d start off slow – how about a couple of labels and a button:



   <Grid Background=”{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}”>
       <TextBlock Text=”Hello, world !” Margin=”20″ FontSize=”30″ />
       <TextBlock Text=”Hello, world !” Margin=”20″ FontSize=”30″ />
       <TextBlock Text=”Hello, world !” Margin=”20″ FontSize=”30″ />
       <Button Content=”Press Me!” Click=”IveBeenPressed” />

and a bit of code behind:

public async void IveBeenPressed(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
     await new MessageDialog(“I’ve been Pressed!”, “Pressed”).ShowAsync();

Now tell me you don’t expect this to work on the web, right? Sure enough works a treat.


It’d be great if the message box had “Pressed” as the title instead of “localhost:5210 says” but I’m still mind blown that this still works?

One thing to be aware of is that I’ve had some mixed experiences with Wasm as the resoluts seem to vary depending on which combination of Uno packages are referenced. This is definitely a work in progress but I feel that this is probably in line with where WebAssembly support is at across the board.

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