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ASP.NET Virtual Earth Control (Windows Live Tools for VS2008 CTP3)

Last week CTP3 of the Windows Live™ Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 was made available.  This includes an ASP.NET Virtual Earth control that makes working with Virtual Earth as easy as drag-n-drop.

In this video I introduce this control and show you just how easy it is to integrate Virtual Earth functionality into both client and server side code on you site.

The Windows Live Tools also includes an ASP.NET control for Silverlight Streaming.  Dr Neil goes through getting started with this control in his post from last week.

If you have any feedback on this, or any part of these tools, I would love to hear from you.  Providing feedback to Microsoft on these tools is the best way to ensure they continue to deliver the best developer tools to help us do our jobs!


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