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Day 3 of the Windows Mobile Metro Training in Singapore

Today was the third and final day of the Windows Mobile Metro training here in Singapore and I got a bit of a chance to look out of the window of the Microsoft office.  It appears there is a significant amount of development going on around the port.


IMAG0012 IMAG0013

Now, back to the class room and to complete the day we did a bit of a brainstorm on the pros and cons of Windows Mobile in comparison to other mobile platforms. 


The good news was that everyone decided that the Pros of the platform generally outweigh the cons.  However, the biggest issue the platform faces is that of market perception – currently Windows Mobile has the perception of being an outdated platform with little or no road map.  In actual fact with the news surrounding marketplace and Windows Mobile 6.5 there are at least a couple of things that users can look forward to. IMHO what Windows Mobile needs is a range of aesthetically pleasing (read “sex appeal”) devices that consumers will line up to buy!

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