Vista, Office, Live Messenger and finally MEDC 2006 presentations

So I’ve been a bit busy since MEDC 2006 installing Vista, Office and Live Messenger betas. The main reason being that there is currently no support for the Windows Mobile 5 SDKs under Vista.  After reinstalling various components and even trying to run the script file separately I was still no better off so I decided to build a WinXP VPC that I could do mobile development on.  Of course this wouldn’t of worked using VS2003, but luckily the new emulators that ships with VS2005 are a true ARM emulators so will run happily within an X86 virtual machine, such as VPC.

Anyhow, this said, I finally managed to go through the sample and make sure that it functions.  Here are some of the MEDC resources I’ve been able to find.  I will try to update this as I track down other sessions:

–   Dr Neil’s UX Presentation

–   Dr Pete’s Data Presentation

–   Dave Glover’s Connectivity Presentation

–   My code samples

One note about the code samples is that they were build using Community Drop 9 of the application blocks being created by the Patterns and Practices group as part of the Mobile Client Software Factory initiative.  I have included the relevant application blocks so that the solution should build.  There are newer builds of the application blocks that I would encourage you to download and start using.  The deadline for feedback on this project is THIS FRIDAY, so if you have something to say, then get it in soon.