Vista’ized again

Thanks to a proactive Craig Pringle, who came to my rescue with a copy of Vista RC1 (so that I didn’t have to download it on my incredibly SLOW Woosh connection), I am now back running Vista.  Actually my setup is a little backwards as I have a desktop machine running Win2K3 R2, while my laptop is running Vista.  Why is this backwards, well one of the reasons I wanted to be running Vista is to use the new ultra slick version of Windows Media Center that is built into the Ultimate version of Vista. 

Over the last day and a bit I have installed both WinXP and Vista on my IBM ThinkPad T43.  The Vista installation was infinitely less painful.  Even the drivers (with the exception of the IBM display driver) installed ok in compatibility mode.  So two hours later I am playing music and displaying my photo album on my living room TV – very cool.

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