Australian Developers are "shallow" and "sloppy"

Over the weekend the co-author of our recently published book, Professional Visual Studio 2005, contacted me to point out a fantastic review of on Amazon.  Well, it was fantastically funny and as Andrew points out it would be great if anyone else who has read the book could post a review ;-).

Unfortunately the actual review has been pulled from the Amazon website, but in summary it makes the following claim:

So the next thing i did was to find out who were the authors, and there you are: two experienced/accomplished but “Australian” developers. In my albeit limited experience, the majority of Australian developers were shallow in their understanding of highly complexy technical stuff, and they write code in an exremely sloppy fashion. But these two guys are supposed to be the creme de la creme of .NET developers in that country, or maybe not?

Does this apply to New Zealand developers or are we all too busy farming sheep and making award winning films?

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