Wellington – I’m not really a coffee addict…

As the end of my stay here in Wellington draws to an end (Meg and I return to Perth, via Sydney, on the 14th December) it is time to review one of our on going dilemmas – where to get the best coffee?  This of course depends a lot on the day of the week, time of day and the area of town we are in.  Wellington for the most part is inundated with cafes.  Unfortunately this doesn’t have a strong correlation to quality.  There are a large number of chains (Starbucks, Gloria Jeans to name just two) as well as a variety of coffee blends.  This combined with a large variation in the consistency of barristas has resulted in a lot of frustration on our behalf.  Anyhow, the short list of good cafes where we have consistently had good coffee.

Liquidate (morning coffee en route to work)
Astoria (where the Geekzone coffee group meets on Wednesday around 1:30pm)
Meat (despite being a butcher serves great coffee)
Cafe Lido (great food and coffee, day or night)
Arbitrageur (watch out for the deserts as they are absolutely delicious and to date this has served the best coffee in town!)

I suppose I should also mention the Utopia cafe in Ohakune where Meg and I spend a number of cold, wet and miserable days huddling out of the weather unable to go snowboarding.  With just over a month to go, I’m sure that we will experiment with some more cafes but in the meantime I will leave you with this rather unusual (and a little worrying) picture of a flat white we were served today:

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